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Doctor with Mammography

Radical Medical Solutions

Welcome. At Calidar, we are in the business of radical medical solutions. X-ray imaging technology has developed significantly since its invention in 1895, but many patient and clinician needs remain unmet. It is time for the next revolution in medical imaging. The revolution starts with 4D mammography.

3D Balls in Rainbow Background

4D Mammography

Capable of characterizing material structure down to the nanoscale, X-ray diffraction was developed 20 years after the discovery of X-rays. Despite its widespread use in other applications, X-ray diffraction has still not been developed into a tool that can benefit clinicians or patients. At Calidar, our mission is to create such a tool.


Enter 4D mammography. Combining the speed, spatial resolution, and volumetric imaging capabilities of 3D mammography with structural tissue information at the molecular level from X-ray diffraction, 4D mammography heralds the next great advancement in medical imaging. 

Our Business

Our previous work demonstrated the power of X-ray diffraction imaging to identify and locate cancer in removed breast lumpectomies. Founded in 2022, our team at Calidar is working passionately to translate and enhance the patented technology behind this work, exclusively licensed from Duke University, into a 4D mammography solution for in-human use.


We have thoroughly researched the needs of all stakeholders and are working tirelessly to ensure our solution improves the breast cancer detection experience for providers, payers, and most importantly, patients. The combined skills, dedication, and radical mindset of the Calidar team will meet the challenges of this next medical imaging revolution.


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Example Data (Click for Details)

Photograph of Lego John Lennon
Lego John CT Side View
Lego John CT Top View
Lego John Spinning During X-rays
X-ray Diffraction Data
Breast Tissue Standard X-ray to Diffraction Colorized X-ray


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